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Welcome to Componordic System

We are specialized in effective and environment friendly systems for composting large amounts of organic materials.

This method is also excellent for storage.

The Ag-Bag EcoPOD® composting system can process between 1 000 to 100 000 tons of organic material per year and can be initiated with a mixer wagon that weighs the material, open bags and blend the structure material.

The composting process then proceeds in the enclosed system of AG-BAG. The system parts can either be used together or separately.

The system consists of a contained process and a closed composting reactor which only emits heat, water and carbon dioxide, minimizing the disturbance of the surroundings. Furthermore,  low installation and labor costs, as well as flexible localization.

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About us

CompoNordic System AB is a family-owned company established in 1997 under the name of Ytternäs Maskin AB.

We run import, export and sales of machines and equipment for composting; contracting and consulting in composting, recycling and hygienisation. The Ag-Bag system was established in Sweden in 2001.

Our main aspiration is to cooperate with you as a customer and enable you to reach maximum results with your compost, now and in the future.
With the sale of an Ag-Bag composting system we provide instructions, training, counselling and continuous follow-ups to ensure the best possible biological treatment.

CompoNordic System continuously test and develop new products to attain good quality compost and to meet the requirements regarding biological treatment of waste, today and in the future.

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