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The system provides multiple simultaneous applications

AgBag’s composting method is quick and easy for the user. Completed compost material is filled into the loading charger of the machine and pressed by means of a hydraulic piston through a tunnel to the Eco-POD® composting bag mounted on the machine.

The hydraulic piston is operated via a remote control and automatically returns to its original state, which means that the shaft is empty and ready to load new material after approx. 60 sec.

The machines can be equipped with a respective two air-tight compartments designed for the perforated oxygen hoses that are continuously fed into the Eco-POD® composting bag while feeding material. The system allows filling in stages.

The unique construction provides a balanced mixture of composting materials (organic waste and 30% structural material, maximum 50-55% water content) a odor and leachate-free composting process. The method can also be used for biogas recovery.

  • The AgBag system moves easily and quickly.
  • The system can handle continuous or batch filling.
  • The closed system eliminates odor and leakage.
  • From odorous organic material to odorless.
  • Humus-like end product within 2-3 months.

The system provides multiple simultaneous applications:

  • Composting biogas
  • Recovery
  • Intermediate storage (eg during temporary interruptions and waste incineration audit)