Ag-Bag EcoPOD® composting system

The Ag-Bag EcoPOD® composting system is an effective system for processing large amounts of organic material into compost.

The benefits with this system is low initial capital costs (the only requirement is a hard-packed surface), low cost of labor, flexible localisation (mobile) and minimal disturbance of the surroundings (contained process). Furthermore it’s a flexible solution because of the independence of localisation and processing volumes. For more information please click on the product links above.


Special requirements for approval of the composting site

A composting site shall comply with the following requirements:

  • An enclosed composting reactor (for example Ag-Bag EcoPod©) that the material has to pass through, with instruments that measures temperature plotted against time.
  • A contrivance that regularly registers the results of the measures and an adequate monitor system to prevent insufficient heat (ABP1774).

Flowchart for Ag-Bag composting

  • Household, restaurant, catering
  • Transport
  • Reception
  • Pre-treatment
  • Hygienisation (10 days) Composting (2 month)
  • Curing (1-6 month depending on what the compost will be used for)
  • Screening
  • Possible hygienisation (70°C) in a mixer wagon (additional security)
  • Ready compost

The process

The composting process takes place under complete control in an Ag-Bag EcoPod®. A plastic bag 60-75 m in length and 1,5 – 2,7 m in diameter which can be filled with 80 – 320 ton. The filling capacity is between 60 – 200 ton/h.




The product

The possibility to control the air flow (oxygen ratio) comes through the aeration system, and temperature and other parameters results in stable hygienisated compost. After 2-3 month the result is a leach and odour-free humus-like material. Because the compost is ready in such a short period of time the site can be used 3 – 4 time/year.





During the composting process the Ag-Bag EcoPOD® acts as its own bio-filter and emits only carbon dioxide, water and heat.






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Ag-Bag – streamlines the natural process!

Minimises or eliminates:

  • Prevents birds, flies and rats
  • Eliminates odour
  • Eliminates leakage to groundwater
  • Weather independent
  • Reduced site area
  • Reduced cycle time
  • More effective workload and reduced time-consumption
  • No unnecessary transports
  • Does not require a secluded locationNo large and nonflexible investment